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"I have gone to several language schools and UNIVERSAL has been the very best experience of all."
Claire Bevins, Teacher, California

"Although I have studied Spanish before, I felt that in the past four weeks I learned more that I have in four years of college Spanish."
Carol Dudek, Student, Pennsylvania

"Your system works great.....You give everyone such personalized treatment."
Douglas Ross, Student, Massachusetts

"I had a very good experience and felt that I learned a lot. The instruction I received was excellent."
Gregory Mason, Professor, Minnesota

"The classes were well balanced between grammar and conversation about Mexico and its culture."
Susan Neufeld, Student, Kansas

"Classes were excellent. I have never learned so much in so little time. The small number of students per class was especially helpful."
Sharon Cross, Student, Massachusetts

"It’s an excellent program. A great staff. I would highly recommend it."
Adriana Cilio, Travel Agent, Massachusetts.