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Introduction and Purpose

English is the most important language nowadays. As a native or foreign language, it is spoken in 104 countries around the world (UNESCO, 2004). Most of the scientific, technological, political, commercial and cultural information is published, transmitted, stored or disseminated through English. About 60% of the radio broadcasting in the world uses this language; 85% of the international phone conversations, and at least 80% of the whole stored data in most of the 100 millions of computers in the world occurs in English. Within this universe of information, English is displayed in practically all the realms of human activity such as books, newspapers, airports, international trade, science, technology, education, international relationships, sports, tourism, music, international law, and lately, in Internet, the citizen´s library of the twentieth century.
Although the Spanish is one of the most important languages in the World, it is estimated that most advanced information, be that scientific or technological, scarcely gets to the 10% of that written in English. This estimation, beyond the stigma of nationalism, compels us to lag behind in regard to the permanent renewal of knowledge and competences about any subject. One of today’s traits is that information is constructed and reconstructed at such a dizzying rate and, most of it is written in English. Therefore, in order to socialize such information within international equity, we need an efficient learning process of English which would let us be copartners of change and not merely onlookers of the educative development.

UNIVERSAL firmly believes that the activity of teaching English in Mexico must be permanently developed so that new generations will have access to the diverse realms of international knowledge and human activity, and therefore, to a better education. In order to accomplish this purpose, the training or updating of Mexican English teachers is paramount. There is no other way to equip the new generation with the necessary means of communication skills in foreign language.

The purpose of the Teacher´s Diploma UNIVERSAL is to train or update Mexican teachers of English by providing them with the most advanced knowledge in the foreign language domain, effective language teaching abilities, and the humanistic attitudes and values required for a wider learning achievement. This commitment will allow access to the socialization of information and the crucial integration of Mexico into the international community.


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